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Openfreenet is an open-source network mesh organisation based out of India, building the largest wireless community.

We want to bridge the internet-connectivity and scalability by creating an inter-network of nodes connected to each other thereby creating wireless communities.


Largest Wireless Community

To become the largest wireless community in the world contributing various causes and purposes from within a network to the world.

Bridging in to the rural

Bringing connectivity to the rural places where internet isn't a basic right, so as to improve the digital self-sufficiency in backward areas.

Best Resource Sharing

Create the best resource sharing portal, with maximum data-transfer so as to avoid the traffic congestions incured by your traditional ISP & create the knowledge flow from a central portal.

I believe wireless communities can not only enhance the digital-connectivity among the people, but also enhance the wireless presence, idea representation, effective local represenation and making internet the birthright for rural too. Creating a mesh of network nodes helps creating a seamless-data transfer network; builds and aids in the growth of a community.

The Technological Mesh

The mesh network has a dedicated development team trying to improvise the network quality and with development being opensourced, we maintain an opensource repostiory..

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